Customizable "beautiful hair" piece. 

Wow!!! What a blessing!” My first appointment at THE STUDIO was beyond what I ever imagined. Ms. Deirdre changed my hair from being dull, lifeless, and thin to being full of life and shine. As a client, Ms. Deirdre has truly blessed me to have healthy beautiful hair. Prior to coming my hair was balding in the center of my scalp. I am no longer experiencing hair loss, but hair growth. My hair is now healthy, strong, and thick and down my back. It has truly been a blessing.


Deirdre R. Cruell, Hair Solution Specialist

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When Deidre was a little girl her father taught her the meaning of perseverance, diligence and the reward of hard work.  He would always encourage her by saying, "Deirdre, whatever you do, own your own business."  She came to understand that, like any other great dad, her dad wanted his children to be exposed to opportunities for a good life, to do better. Being a military wife and cosmetologist for more than 33 years she has gleaned from numerous opportunities, significant experiences, and wonderful relationships from all over the world. 

By marrying the art and science of beauty with her heart and skill for business and her passion for making women look and feel beautiful, dcSTUDIO was born!   dcSTUDIO is more than a salon, it's an experience.  

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Team member Gigi Lanette had her first experience with dcSTUDIO's "beautiful hair" hair piece.

"So natural no one could tell I had this clipped in! It instantly made my hair full.. I love this!"

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When I walked in and saw Genese and her beautiful, curly hair, I knew I Was home. I had an amazing experience at this salon. I feel so beautiful, thanks to Genese. I highly recommend this salon, especially if you have naturally curly hair. My goal of healthy hair is also their goal for my and all of their clients hair. Such a blessing!! Thank you so much!


GREAT customer service. If you are in the area this is salon is a must! Prompt and courteous staff. Five stars all the way


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The hair replacement was a wonderful experience.  It gave me a boost of confidence during a difficult time.  Loosing one's hair (as a female) is an extremely traumatic experience.  Everyone in the shop was encouraging and uplifting.  I still admire pictures of the hair unit and realize it made life so much easier to deal with due to how beautiful it was.  


What About  dcStudio?

I’ve been in Killeen for about 3 years.  In that time, I’ve gone to about 4 different salons; all telling me how they can care and style natural hair.  I was referred to DC Studios by a friend.  I was a little hesitant about calling for an appointment; so many bad experiences.  Since my hair is natural, I’ve had trouble finding the right Beautician.  Most can’t do nature hair, and their prices are too high.  The results of my first visit exceeded my expectations.  From the day I entered DC Studios, I loved the atmosphere; and everyone was so down to earth.  I felt so at home; and the staff was great.  I told her I wanted a “New Look” and she gave me a great cut and style.  My hair went from frizzy to smooth and bouncy.  I’ve been dealing with bad hair shedding and hair loss issues for many years.  When Ms. Deidre applied a treatment on my hair, I noticed a difference right away; my hair immediately stopped shedding.  When she trimmed my ends, she trimmed only what needed to be trimmed.  She cut my hair short; but when I went back for my 2 week appointment, my hair was already starting to grow back.  My co-workers love playing in my hair.  I have friends that will feel my hair to see if it’s a weave.  Some even think, I’m wearing a wig.  Ms. Deirdre is extremely warm and nice; and willing to listen to any advice on your hair.  It's definitely a plus when a stylist really cares and understands what you want.  This is not a salon where you sit around for 4 to 5 hours.  I was out in an hour and a half.  The prices are very reasonable, and I’m always satisfied when I leave.


No matter how much hair we have, when we start to loose we try and act as if it's not a big deal. But it is. When I saw myself in the mirror the first time I couldn't believe how emotional i would be. The hair made me feel like a new person. As I write this I have a big smile on my face. The hair is a gift from God.

Pam  Woods

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