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The hair replacement was a wonderful experience.  It gave me a boost of confidence during a difficult time.  Losing one's hair (as a female) is an extremely traumatic experience.  Everyone in the shop was encouraging and uplifting.  I still admire pictures of the hair unit and realize it made life so much easier to deal with due to how beautiful it was.  



No matter how much hair we have, when we start to loose we try and act as if it's not a big deal. But it is. When I saw myself in the mirror the first time I couldn't believe how emotional i would be. The hair made me feel like a new person. As I write this I have a big smile on my face. The hair is a gift from God.

Pam  Woods

I walked into a nationally known beauty salon and told the lady at the counter something to this effect, “I am looking for a new stylist that can get my hair on a new healthy path.” She looked at me look at my hair and said, “I know the perfect person for you, she is not supposed to be here today because it’s her day off, however she is in the back and I’ll get her for you.”

Deirdre (Ms. D) appeared within a minute and before she began to speak I knew this was divine intervention. I knew I would make an appointment for her to do my hair.  I knew she understood what I was looking for.  I knew she had a natural God-given gift and skill that I have not encountered before. I knew this was the beginning of a new journey.

Within one month that Ms. D began caring for my hair, two people asked me, “Are you going to someone new?  Your hair is beautiful.”  Eight years later even after I moved away from Central Texas to D.C., Asia, Europe and now back in the states, I still visit Ms. D for regular maintenance.  I have not been able to find a stylist that provides the unmatched level of hair care Ms. D provides.

I even used a well-known stylist in the D.C. area that was listed in a prominent area newspaper as one of the top three Contenders and 2008 that would care for the hair of the first lady of the United States, Mrs. Michelle Obama. My hair was unhealthiest during that stint. After several visits with Ms. D my hair was back on the right track to being healthy and strong.  Ms. D has a gift that I realize is very difficult to find.  I also realized that of no fault of her own of their own, few stylists can or will achieve this innate level of skill.

Additionally, the studio offers a tranquility atmosphere, free of negative energy, full of uplifting spirit. Derogatory terms are not used to describe beauty and most importantly, hair; an essential part of a holistic approach to healthy beautiful hair.  From the bottom of from the bottom of my heart Ms. D Thank you!

Self-proclaimed, most dedicated, satisfied customer,